SEXTORSION : Let’s break the omerta


Sexual corruption?
When we hear: Sexual corruption or sexual harassment, it comes to our minds a woman and a man, a victim and a culprit.

However most of us aren’t used to specific words that describes the situation accurately, our knowledge is quiet limited on this regard.

I personally, only came to understand and be informed to the acknowledgment about the act of sexual harassment throughout the association transparancy Maroc.

my learning process allowed me to distinguish between certain words in the field such as sextortion and sexual harassment;

On a one hand sexual harassment describes the fact of forcing a person, in a repeated way, of the remarks or behaviours with sexual connotation which either attack his dignity because of their degrading or humiliating character, or that can create an intimidating, hostile or offensive situation.

Here, it should be noted that the legislator has incriminated this act in Article 503-1 of the criminal law which states: « Is guilty of sexual harassment and punished by imprisonment of one year to three years and a fine of five thousand to fifty thousand dirhams, whoever, by abusing the authority that confers his functions, harasses others by using orders, threats, constraints or any other means, with the aim of obtaining favors of a sexual nature »

In this regard, we find thus, the law 103-13 adopted on February 14, 2018, which incriminates « certain acts considered forms of harassment, assault, exploitation or mistreatment. »
On another hand Sexual corruption according to the transparency movement is the misuse for private purposes of the power that a person holds. Sexual corruption is when a sexual favor is demanded in return for a free service.

Sexual bribery is a new term that must be used and codified by the criminal law.

The acts related to sexual corruption can have a dangerous impact on both the woman and society, which manifests itself on several levels, including
– Her contempt for herself and for society; she begins to consider herself only as a body
– Her contempt for men and her spirit of revenge
This scourge is not well known, to not say unknown, and on this basis, there are two fundamental reasons, the fear of the victim and the difficulties of proof.

The fear of the victim to be stigmatized, to be considered responsible either by her way of dressing or by her way of speaking, especially since we are in a masculine society, which blames the woman for  men’s acts as well as their fear to be considered as accomplices mainly when we find in the criminal law no reference to the term « victim », we find a corrupted and a corrupter.

The victim who has suffered either sexual harassment or corruption must prove his innocence with all that that process includes of burden and difficulty finding the proof.

In conclusion, all the stakeholders and interested parties, including associations and civil society, are called upon to sensitize society and especially the vulnerable parties of the danger of this scourge and its consequences on women, whom are considered to be the main educators in a society; with the responsibility to raise future executives, future parents, future husbands and future men in general.
                                                                                                      Kenza Sadad Lachheb

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